Welcome Week - Welcome Week includes activities to help incoming students learn about campus life and unite with a Catholic Support Community. 


Proceed with Joy Retreat - Is an overnight  retreat for students.  This retreat  helps students build strong connections to other Catholic Students as well as their Connection to Christ in a University Setting.


Dead Day - Is a time for students to eat a good meal and take a break from the intense studying to prepare for Finals.  Usually a group meal is provided because who can study on an empty stomache.


Fall Retreat - is a retreat held by the Diocese of Little Rock office of Campus Ministry.  Provides a retreat experience for college students across Arkansas.  Includes talks, small groups, Adoration, Mass and more.


Leadership Training - Is a one day training for Missionary Leaders, Newman Council Members and Members of the AstateCNC.  Each year we will bring in National Leaders to provide training in the areas of campus ministry.


Spring Retreat - is a 3 day retreat.  The outcome of the retreat is help students, faculty, and staff to develop authentic relationship with Christ, Their Catholic Faith, and their friends.   Spring Retreat will help students learn how to cecome vulnurable in living out the call to Discipleship through these authentic friendships.  The retreat is held the 1st weekend in April.


Mission Trip - Each year the Diocese of Little Rock provides a join mission project for 4-5 Campus Ministries across the state of Arkansas.  We join other Catholic Students to provide mission work. 


SEEK2019 - Seek is a collegiate conference for undergrad students, grad students, faculty, staff & volunteers of Arkansas State University.  SEEK2019 is sponsored by FOCUS.  Registration is now open.


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