Rosary Wall

Here you will find the names of those we Intercede for and ask Mary and the Saints to Intercede on their behalf as we pray for those on the wall on Sundays before Mass in the presence of Jesus.


Fr. Alphonse

Fr. Desam

Pat McCaughn

Walter Whitehead

Michael Bridger

Sarah Hayer

Alexis Kulick

Jimmy & Evelyn McKinnon

Mabel Cushman

Moira O'Keefe

Alexa Gates

Megan Sarringar

Cabilio & Maria Hernandez

Lynette Renfroe

Aruthur & Edie Pigg

Ives Dawson

Hunter Strain

Gary Leibrock

Nancy Holmes

Alexa Andrews

Dr. Al Langlois

Don & Ruth Throesch

Travis Coffey

Danny & Joann Counce

Holly Sullivan

Ira & Martha Brown

Hunter Blankenship

Kelly Rottinghaus

Patrick Costello

Chelsea Harrel

Lizzie Spain

Gracie Bain

Brandon Weisenfels

Monica Weisenfels

Autumn Weisenfels

Tiffany Weisenfels

Brandon Allen Weisenfels

Veronica Weisenfels

Augustine Weisenfels



Aaron Weisenfels

Kelly Weisenfels

Adam Weisenfels

Karren Weisenfels

Ford Weisenfels

Phylis Weisenfels

David Thomas & Family

Beverly Thomas

Donald Ross

Judy Ross

Melody Partridge

David Partridge

Jacob Partridge

Waymeth Moates

Amanda Moates

Katy Moates




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